How To Consign

 From The Heart strives to make consignment fun and easy.

Here’s how it works:

• Please call us to make an appointment at 484-509-4441.

• We accept up to 20 total pieces of clothing/accessories/home decor.

• Items will remain on consignment for a minimum of 90 days (except seasonal items).

• Individual consignors receive 40% of the selling price on items under $99. 50% for items from $99.01 - $199.99 and 60% for any item sold over $200. 

 • A consignor account will be maintained for you and funds in your account can be used as store credit. Checks will be mailed at the beginning of the month if account has $35 or more in it. $1.00 will be deducted for postage/envelope. Consignor funds are available at any time. Checks are written for the amount. Cash is not given.

• There are 2 options for Consignor’s with unsold merchandise after the markdown period :

  1. Store Manage - Unsold items will either be re-consigned at a lower price or donated to one of several worthy non-profit organizations in Berks County.
  2. Return - Consignors choosing to have their items returned can pick up their items after 90 days in the store. It is the consigners responsibility to contact our store after their 90-day period has ended for pick up.  

Acceptance guidelines:

We're looking for your best!

Clothing must be brought in on hangers (which will be returned) or nicely folded in a bin, basket or shopping bag (no trash bags).

Items for consignment must be gently worn, clean, free of dust and pet hair, from a smoke-free home, in ready to sell condition and in the correct season being accepted. We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if necessary.

Battery operated items must have batteries.

We will not accept:

  • Items with stains, are dirty, pilled, wrinkled, covered in pet hair or in need of repair.

  • Items with clothing tags that are cut out, have yellowed from wear or have names written on them.

  • Items from households where people smoke or where clothes have been stored with moth balls.

  • Anything with sequins or other embellishments that are missing beads or other attachments.

  • Any "knock-off" items