Not Accepted

Clothes We Do Not Accept:

  • Clothing with many ruffles, tiered ruffles, ruffles necklines

  • Tops with banded bottoms

  • Sequins and beaded clothing

  • Faux wrap styled tops & dresses

  • Out of style pants

  • Lined pants

  • All traditional cut blazers

  • Business suits or two piece sets

  • Coat Lengths out of style

  • Lingerie

  • Bathing suits without new tags

  • Pointy toe heels/boots

  • Man-made vinyl boots

  • Clark slip on clogs/foam sole

  • No shoes/boots with too much wear

  • Preppy styled short cardigans

  • Overly Blingy clothing

  • Heels over 3 inches

  • Corduroy Items

  • Velvet Items (Limited)

  • No Strapless Tops, Dresses

  • No backless items

  • No deep V tops or sweaters

  • Plaid/Madras shorts

  • Handbags with stained interior/exteriors

  • Wrinkled clothing

  • Clothing with pet hair

  • Clothing with manufacturer tags cut out

  • Clothing with stained manufacturer labels

  • Clothing with pilling

  • Clothing mis-shaped from wear

  • Clothing with shoulder pads


Old Navy, Target, Wal-Mart, Fast Fashion (Charlotte Russe; Forever 21; H&M; Rue 21; Shein), limited Boscov's and Kohl's.